How much Time does it take me to put in my claim?

What work will I have to do for it or does the solicitor do it all?

Putting the claim in involves an initial meeting which will probably last less than an hour. Your solicitor will need to take details of what happened and what the effect has been on you, and also consider what evidence there is to show that it is someone else’s fault.

After the initial meeting you will probably not be involved in spending a lot of time on the case, generally your solicitor will get on with things although he will come back to you for instructions on anything that comes in from the other side and on medical evidence etc. At this point you need to make sure that you go through everything thoroughly and understand it. If there are any problems your solicitor should be happy to meet and have a discussion with you to explain it is going on.

In almost all personal injury cases you will have to go to see a medical expert appointment which will probably last for less than an hour. Good practice is to always instruct an independent expert rather than your own Doctor and in most cases the appointment will be reasonably local to you.

In some cases, particularly if your opponent says they were not to blame, it may be necessary for you to meet the solicitor again, or to attend a meeting with a barrister.

Your solicitor should be able to ensure that any meetings take place reasonably close to where you live. However, if you live a long distance from the nearest city you might have to travel quite a distance to see a medical expert or a barrister.

I have been practising for 25 years and I am happy to travel over the North West and North Wales to deal with my clients. I guarantee home visits or visits to a neutral venue near to you at a time that suits you if you can't make it to the office. If you have a claim and would be interested in a telephone consultation, contact me on 0151 282 1111 or use the contact form on the website's home page, Peter Kneale Solicitor.

Alternatively, if you are based in the North West then call in to our office at 1 Prescot Road, Fairfield, Liverpool, Merseyside L7 0LA. 


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