How much will my claim cost me?

If you are instructing a solicitor in a personal injury claim you should ensure that your solicitor is acting on a conditional fee agreement (otherwise known as a 'no win no fee' agreement). If you approach a solicitor and they are not prepared to take the case on this basis you should be very careful before proceeding. Make sure you understand why they are not entering into a no win no fee agreement with you. Is it because they think you don't have a good case? 

Under a no win no fee agreement you don’t have to pay anything to your solicitor unless you win the case. Some solicitors may, however, ask you to pay for things that they have to pay out for, such as court fees and medical reports.

If you win the case your solicitor should be able to recover their basic costs and the things they have paid out for from your opponent. However, many solicitors are also asking clients to pay up to 25% of their damages to the solicitor by way of a success fee. Prior to April 2013 the solicitor had always been able to charge the success fee to the opponent but after that date they can only have a success fee if they charge it to the successful client.

I offer no win no fee agreements and 100% compensation guaranteed. Add that to home visits at a time and place to suit you and guaranteed experienced solicitor personally handling your case and it forms an effective package. If you have had an accident in the street or in the workplace and it wasn't your fault or you believe that you have a case and would like a free initial consultation, then please ring me on 0151 282 1111 or contact me at . I cover the whole of the North West and North Wales and take cases from further afield as well; modern technology means you needn't be limited by geography. More information can be found on my website home page, Peter Kneale Solicitor.


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