How do I get paid? What will happen if I lose my case?

If you win a personal injury claim then most defendants are insured and you simply receive a cheque from the insurance company sent via your solicitors.

If there is a problem with insurance then this will come up very early on in the case and your solicitor will be able to discuss it with you.

If you are injured in a road traffic accident and the other driver is not insured then you can still make a claim and it is paid for by the Motor Insurers Bureau which is an organisation set up by the government but paid for by the insurance industry.

If you lose the case then, following a change in the law in April 2013, there will normally be no need for you to pay any legal costs to your opponent. The only exceptions to this are if your claim is found by the court to be fraudulent or if the claim was so weak that it should never been taken to court, which  your solicitor will advise you on. If you are still concerned about this discuss with your solicitor the possibility of taking out an insurance policy, usually available for a few hundred pounds to cover anything you might be ordered to pay out. The Law Society page on making a personal injury claim explains the procedure well.

As long as your case is done under a no win no fee agreement there will, of course, be nothing for you to pay towards your solicitor’s charges.

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